Cascade Industrial Safety and Security, a division of Cascade Coil, is the international leader in the manufacture of coiled wire fabric systems for a variety of new and retrofit industrial safety and security applications.

GuardianCoil® coiled wire fabric is used for our Industrial Safety and Security Systems to protect personnel and contain debris. It is compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) requirements to prevent injuries from projectiles, specifically ANSI B11.19-2003.

Cascade GuardianCoil® at a Glance

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Press Guard Adjustable Curtain Assembly


Press Guard Adjustable Curtain w/ Vertical Mount


Press Guard Measurement Form

Press Guard Kits

Press guard kits are readily available and easy to order based on the height and width of your machine. The guards include an adjustable steel pipe assembly, industrial safety hooks, and a steel coiled wire fabric curtain with a Safety Black finish. Perfect for equipment ranging anywhere from 24”-72” wide and 58”-87” high, our pre-engineered systems are easily operable and allow operator visibility into the machine space.

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Custom Press Guard Solutions

Cascade offers custom press guards that may be manufactured in your choice of wire type, gauge, and weave size tailored to the safety needs of you and your employees. The mesh is typically safety black, safety yellow, or stainless steel – each allowing the machine operator’s eyes to focus on the point of operation with ease. Regardless of size, the lightweight curtains are also easy to install and maintain.

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Custom Industrial Safety Guards and Other Applications

For customers seeking a solution for larger machines or special applications, we offer custom industrial safety guards for a range of machine and equipment types. Whether your facility needs a safety solution for a scissor lift, bandsaw, conveyor line, or any other type of machine, we provide comprehensive operable safety systems as well as full safety screens, dividers, and gates.

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Delivering a full range of industrial safety and security products to the North American market for over 30 years, Cascade Industrial Safety and Security delivers the highest degree of experience in the engineering, design, manufacture, and installation support of coiled wire fabric systems. We pass along individualized technical installation support to our customers and can assist in the development of your system.

From machine safety guards to blast curtains to security enclosures, Cascade Industrial Safety and Security delivers standard stock and custom engineered systems for a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications.

Cascade Industrial Safety and Security engineered attachments allow Cascade’s GuardianCoil® coiled wire fabric systems to be installed in static or moveable positions, to accommodate panels in a wide variety of sizes, thickness, and open areas, and to achieve all applicable performance requirements of the material.

All Cascade coiled wire fabric systems are fully designed, engineered, and tested to ensure all safety and security capabilities – keeping your facility and personnel protected.

Highly Engineered for Dynamic Blast Protection™

GuardianCoil® is a highly engineered, innovative system that provides Dynamic Blast Protection for potential high-threat industrial settings including material testing labs, production lines, warehouses, equipment service centers, and manufacturing facilities. Our systems are a cost-effective alternative to traditional safety guards but still achieve the full range of protective functions necessary for industrial environments.

GuardianCoil material flexes in a predictive and repeatable way to absorb the force of blasts or projectiles, keeping safe the area around the designated testing space or material operation point. No other blast protection materials offer this dynamic characteristic. Its interwoven coils are both flexible and resilient. It forms, in effect, a three-dimensional spring that spreads forces to adjacent areas like ripples in a pond. By dynamically absorbing the energy of a blast, it harmlessly diverts energy and debris away from personnel and structural building components.

Design Options

GuardianCoil® systems are available in a range of unique attachments. With customizable hardware, materials, weaves, and finishes, our pre-engineered systems can be modified to meet the requirements of your individual project.

Engineered Attachment Systems Materials Weaves Finishes

To ensure an easy installation and save you time specifying GuardianCoil® for your project, Cascade Industrial Safety & Security provides a variety of engineered attachment systems to achieve your project goals. All attachment systems are designed and engineered to meet your application’s performance requirements. Any of the attachments shown can be customized or Cascade can work with you to create new attachments for your specific application.

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Material and gauge impacts weight, functionality, aesthetics, suitability for exterior applications, and more. Wire material and gauge are selected based on the needs of your GuardianCoil® application. Your Cascade Industrial Safety & Security representative will assist you in making the best selection for your project.

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All GuardianCoil® weaves share the same fundamental geometry, created by interlocking individual strands of spiraled wire. What varies widely is GuardianCoil’s scale. The weave you select impacts the material’s percentage of open area (from 40% to 85%), textured appearance, thickness (from 3/32” to 1/2”), wire gauge (from 14 to 21), and ultimate strength. Your knowledgeable Cascade Industrial representative is ready to help you select the perfect weave for your application.

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Cascade Industrial Safety & Security offers custom coatings and finishes for GuardianCoil® attachment systems. GuardianCoil® weaves are sprayed and protected with durable low-VOC lacquer finishes, designer "metaltone" powder finishes, and acrylic lacquers. All coatings are available in a wide range of custom colors – matched to your paint codes in order to meet your precise application and design requirements.

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GuardianCoil® safety and security systems are designed to fit a range of equipment types and sizes. For high-powered machines that pose a risk to operators and their surroundings, GuardianCoil systems are the ideal solution.

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Industrial Applications of GuardianCoil®

Machine Safety Guards

Cascade Industrial Safety and Security Systems are utilized for machine safety guards to protect workers from the potential hazards of machines during operation. High-powered moving parts can cause serious injury, especially at the point of operation where a material is being manipulated. Machine safety guards provide a barrier between the machine, the operator, and surrounding personnel.

Hydraulic Press Guards

Hydraulic presses may eject debris while in operation and Cascade Industrial Safety & Security Systems provide a safeguard for workers. The systems offer easy access during downtime or maintenance. When engaged, they are a superior safety solution to prevent injury from flying, rolling, or sliding debris.

Safety Barriers/Screens

Safety Barriers/Screens are used to prevent injury from debris, dissipate a projectile’s kinetic energy, seal off hazardous areas, and more. Wherever facility managers need a transparent safety barrier or screen, Cascade Industrial Safety & Security has a solution.

Pinch Point Barriers

Pinch points on industrial machinery can cause serious injury to workers if not properly protected against. Cascade systems provide a barrier between the operator and molding machinery, presses, powered benders, or press brakes, where body parts can be caught between moving parts of a machine.

Security Enclosures/Gates

Segmenting areas or protecting inventory is easy with Cascade Industrial Safety and Security Systems. Our systems offer a durable, attractive, lightweight, and see-through advantage over a traditional partition or gate. Equipped with operable top and bottom tracks and locking mechanisms, Cascade security enclosures allow access for facility personnel when necessary.

Blast Curtains

In the event of an industrial blast, Cascade systems allow blast pressure to vent through the fabric, while catching debris and absorbing the energy of large projectiles. For debris to penetrate the coiled wire fabric, the item must first flatten the wire mesh in all directions at the point of impact. In doing this, the projectile loses energy – dramatically decreasing the threat of injury and death.

Ejection Curtains

Installing Cascade Industrial Safety and Security systems around machines and equipment is an effective step toward reducing accidents in the workplace by going beyond the OSHA safety requirements of just eye and face protection. Cascade systems shield the entire body plus the surrounding areas of the facility for complete protection from flying objects such as metal chips, nails, tools, and other materials.

Custom Industrial Applications

Cascade Industrial Safety and Security Systems can be manufactured to specific dimensions to meet various applications and requirements – offered in an assortment of weave sizes, materials, colors, and attachment systems. The flow-through design of GuardianCoil allows light into the work area, ventilation, and gives operators a view of operating machinery.

Airliner Fuselage Testing

During aircraft fuselage testing, GuardianCoil is used to wrap the cabin as a precaution to intercept and subsequently stop any debris or shrapnel that may be ejected if the fuselage were to fail. The woven wire mesh stopped all the slugs. GuardianCoil was adopted by the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer as their primary containment mesh during destructive testing.