Industrial Applications of GuardianCoil®

Machine Safety Guards

Cascade Industrial Safety and Security Systems are utilized for machine safety guards to protect workers from the potential hazards of machines during operation. High-powered moving parts can cause serious injury, especially at the point of operation where a material is being manipulated. Machine safety guards provide a barrier between the machine, the operator, and surrounding personnel.

Hydraulic Press Guards

Hydraulic presses may eject debris while in operation and Cascade Industrial Safety & Security Systems provide a safeguard for workers. The systems offer easy access during downtime or maintenance. When engaged, they are a superior safety solution to prevent injury from flying, rolling, or sliding debris.

Safety Barriers/Screens

Safety Barriers/Screens are used to prevent injury from debris, dissipate a projectile’s kinetic energy, seal off hazardous areas, and more. Wherever facility managers need a transparent safety barrier or screen, Cascade Industrial Safety & Security has a solution.

Pinch Point Barriers

Pinch points on industrial machinery can cause serious injury to workers if not properly protected against. Cascade systems provide a barrier between the operator and molding machinery, presses, powered benders, or press brakes, where body parts can be caught between moving parts of a machine.

Security Enclosures/Gates

Segmenting areas or protecting inventory is easy with Cascade Industrial Safety and Security Systems. Our systems offer a durable, attractive, lightweight, and see-through advantage over a traditional partition or gate. Equipped with operable top and bottom tracks and locking mechanisms, Cascade security enclosures allow access for facility personnel when necessary.

Blast Curtains

In the event of an industrial blast, Cascade systems allow blast pressure to vent through the fabric, while catching debris and absorbing the energy of large projectiles. For debris to penetrate the coiled wire fabric, the item must first flatten the wire mesh in all directions at the point of impact. In doing this, the projectile loses energy – dramatically decreasing the threat of injury and death.

Ejection Curtains

Installing Cascade Industrial Safety and Security systems around machines and equipment is an effective step toward reducing accidents in the workplace by going beyond the OSHA safety requirements of just eye and face protection. Cascade systems shield the entire body plus the surrounding areas of the facility for complete protection from flying objects such as metal chips, nails, tools, and other materials.

Custom Industrial Applications

Cascade Industrial Safety and Security Systems can be manufactured to specific dimensions to meet various applications and requirements – offered in an assortment of weave sizes, materials, colors, and attachment systems. The flow-through design of GuardianCoil allows light into the work area, ventilation, and gives operators a view of operating machinery.

Airliner Fuselage Testing

During aircraft fuselage testing, GuardianCoil is used to wrap the cabin as a precaution to intercept and subsequently stop any debris or shrapnel that may be ejected if the fuselage were to fail. The woven wire mesh stopped all the slugs. GuardianCoil was adopted by the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer as their primary containment mesh during destructive testing.