Cascade Safety and Security Provides Press Guards for Toyota® Motor Manufacturing Factory

20 GuardianCoil® Press Guards Fully Protect Toyota Employees

TUALATIN, OR…Cascade Safety and Security, the international leader in coiled wire fabric systems for new and retrofit industrial machinery and equipment, recently provided 20 GuardianCoil® press guard systems for the Toyota® Motor Manufacturing factory located in Buffalo, WV.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing is a 1.9 million sq. ft. facility and the company’s only plant in North America that manufactures both engines and transmissions. Opening in 1996 and employing approximately 300 people that first year, the location has grown to employ more than 1,600 Toyota team members currently.

The factory is responsible for manufacturing V4 and V6 engines and 8-speed transmissions for Toyota vehicle models including Avalon, Corolla, Camry, Highlander, and Sienna, as well as the Lexus RX 350. The facility utilizes the Baileigh Shop Press HSP-20A—an industrial-grade hydraulic pneumatic press with a 20-ton capacity—to press gears and other components into place during motor manufacturing. Each Baileigh press is equipped with a GuardianCoil press guard system – ideal for maintaining visibility while providing a flexible, protective barrier between operator and machine.

“Our chief concern is the safety of our employees,” says Travis Stollings, Safety Specialist at Toyota Motor Manufacturing. “We needed a product that would eliminate the threat of metal ejecting from the point of operation in our hydraulic presses.”

Cascade Safety and Security offers three lines of industrial safety systems, including pre-engineered press guard kits, custom press guards, and other customizable GuardianCoil systems for specialty applications and large-sized machinery. Each equipped with GuardianCoil fabric in one of two variations—standard or heavy-duty—Cascade’s industrial systems are compliant with the OSHA requirements to prevent injuries from projectiles, specifically ANSI B11.19-2003 regarding point-of-operation safeguarding.

“Cascade provided our team with outstanding customer support which made it simple to fit out and order for 20 shop presses,” adds Stollings. “Not only are the GuardianCoil systems a robust product, but Cascade was able to deliver them to our facility in a timely fashion.”

GuardianCoil is fireproof and does not absorb oil or other flammable liquids, plus it possesses superior strength and corrosion resistance for environments exposed to water or moisture. It is a low-maintenance material that tends to shed dust which is beneficial for industrial settings prone to dirt and debris.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing’s press guards were installed in May 2019.

Cascade Safety and Security systems are specifically created to deliver comprehensive safety solutions for a variety of industrial environments and machine guard applications. For more information, visit

About Cascade Safety and Security: Cascade Safety and Security is a division of Cascade Coil Drapery, Inc., based in Tualatin, OR, the world’s leading manufacturer of coiled wire fabric and attachment systems for a wide variety of applications. Cascade Safety and Security provides GuardianCoil® protection systems and engineered attachments for facility and safety managers in all industrial sectors. Environmentally sustainable and made in the USA, Cascade Safety and Security coiled wire fabric systems are designed to protect personnel and contain debris, and are compliant with OSHA requirements to prevent injuries from projectiles. For more information, visit:

Published on
June 26, 2019